Zack Morris

I know, it’s been a while.  I made a few changes as to what I think I’m going to do with this blog. I have an idea today, and who knows, I may change this idea in the next year, the next month, or even the next week. Fuck it, right? For over fifteen years I have been into the art of making music. I played in band, I wrote my own lyrics, and I loosely studied music. I don’t know how long I have been telling myself about producing my own music, but three years ago I stumbled across an amazing digital workstation called Garageband and then graduated to Ableton Live. I haven’t turned back since.

So welcome to the mind of Femi, Fem, Fem Fem, Fems, La Femi Nikita, Mr. Fem-Bot, or whatever the hell you want to call me.  I still plan to eventually conduct interviews and display other artists on this blog, but I have decided to make this a space that expresses my growth as a person and an artist. I will share videos, quotes, and my own life experiences.

Here is a Jam I just recently made. Enjoy.

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Fly Never Dies – Love and the Stars ft. Casey Shea

It’s been a while since I’ve been in contact with Jay “Trew Music” Crockett, but he, along with Eric Haywood, has recently released a single “Love and the Stars,” which features Casey Shea. The duo, also known as Fly Never Dies, met back in 2007. Since then, they’ve release two albums The Last Call EP in 2008 and The Morning After in 2009. After taking a hiatus, they reunited to put together a new album.

Love and the Stars is a fun record. The song incorporates the edginess of hip-hop; the get up and pump your fistness (yeah, I just made up that word) of EDM; and the catchiness of pop music. Be on the look out for their upcoming free EP, which is set for a release on May 3rd.

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Beat of the Week: Elaquent “Butterflies”


 Elaquent’s “Butterflies” is smoother than smooth. It’s one of those tracks that forces the listener to instantly vibe with it. This song has a clean set of chords, a kick you can feel in the base of your spine, and one of the best baselines I’ve heard in a while. Elaquent’s piece is one of twenty three beats on the compilation album On and Onwhich, more uniquely, features twenty three producers. Give this jam a listen; it definitely gets my head wobbling like a bobble head. You can purchase the album here.

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Song Review: Noid  “Kattepajo”



Kattepajo is a lullaby on crack. Or maybe it’s addicting like crack–well, not that I’d know how addictive crack is. Anyway you break it down, the song is just as catchy as it is unique.

Hailing from Karelia, Russia, Noid offers a idiosyncratic genre of music which focuses on Vepsian songs performed in a world music style. Lead singers, Elena Pavlova and Maria Chernysheva, gracefully open Kattepajo as accordion player, Vladimir Solojev, harmonizes in the background. At around 70 bpm, the song maintains a slow, soothing, easy-on-the-ears tone. Around the fifth measure, the crooners chant “Uinda, uinda linduizem/ Babuskon da vonukeine,” which translates to “Go to sleep, go to sleep, my little bird/Grandmother and little grandchild.” The singers continue–in the Veps language of course–as they sing, “Bye, bye, bye…/Grandmother puts you to sleep/Grandmother makes you tired/Little grandchild is something of his own.”

The addition of a clean bass line–thanks to Alexander Shashin–and a briskly paced drum pattern, pick up the track’s pace. Not before long, Kattepajo moves from a jog to a full on stride. In the climatic breakdown, Solojev’s skill behind the accordion is akin to Horse the Band’s Erik Engstrom’s mastery of the electronic keyboard as he ferociously plays his instrument alongside drummer, Ruslin Popov’s, hyperactive beat pattern. Oddly, I feel the urge to throw on a pair of knee high socks,clogs, and shorts high enough to show off my thighs of steel–you better believe I don’t skip out on leg day–as I river dance myself into a frenzy.

The pacing works, the composition is well done, and the overall song is enjoyable. Heck, it even got me to shake my rear end–in the comfort of my own room at least.  Give Kattepajo a whirl; it’s worth it.

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Interview with Ethan Jano

Pennsylvania native Ethan Jano found his love for performing on a whim. At the young age of eight years old Jano’s father gave him a guitar, taught him a few major chords, and let him loose. His natural talent to perform occurred around a campfire after a failed attempt to get his younger sister to sing as he played. Jano took it upon himself to sing his best rendition of “Folsom Prison Blues.” His audience was speechless and Jano found his gift.

It took years of playing in cover bands for Jano to pick up a pen and paper and create his own sound. Now, the twenty two year old is fresh off of releasing his debut album I’ll be fine, which debuted last month, and is currently on a mini tour on the east coast. I was fortunate to get a few words with Jano and discuss growing up in his hometown, his dislike of social media, and his current album.

I don’t know much about Pennsylvania, so please tell your fans what it’s like growing up there?

Well,  from the part I grew up (Somerset) it was very secluded. So, unlike a lot of the town kids, I spent a lot of time alone playing guitar or banjo and trying to figure out who I really was. That’s maybe why I’m sure of who I am now (unlike a lot of my peers). I also spent a lot of time in a family setting–which was great–and there was never a shortage of love at home. My parents have always been very supportive of life in general and never pushed me or my brothers and sisters into anything they wanted us to do. But we grew up in a place of very clean morals. Then you would venture from home and you see the drug abuse and the impact of divorce and the recession and it would confuse you which can create a brilliant environment for writing.

If you can recall, what was it like performing in front of people–other than your family–for the first time?

I don’t remember totally, but it was better than I expected. People were amazed at my voice. It was very fulfilling, but I was so nervous that I don’t remember any of the performance!

The first show that really enjoyed was with your sister at Wells Creek Station. What did you enjoy about this show?

Most definitely the fact that people were listening. And also being able to play an original song, look into the crowd, and see people receive it was very satisfying.

You got a lot of practice gaining a stage presence performing at open mics and bars. How would you say your performing differs now compared to when you started?

I think when everyone starts they are worried about what people think, but eventually you find that if you are not totally engaged and confident in what you are doing that no one else will be either. So if you want the background noise to stop you need to stop it. And music is an art in itself that you will be forever working on. Now I can just do my thing, and I think that becomes a lot more attractive to people of all kinds.

What inspires your musical process?


I read that you still work at a lumber mill is Pennsylvania. Does your work reflect in the topics you sing about? If so, how?

Very much so. It’s the life I deal with day in day out. The good of it, the bad of it, and how it impacts the rest of everything else. Im real excited to get away from it and see what else I can experience in this world.

How do you find time to create music while holding a job?

Lots of coffee and late nights ha. I am a strong multi tasker and a lot of songs I write in my head are at work or while dealing with other obligations.

You said in an interview that you were picked on because you chose to listen to artists such as Buddy Holly while most others listened to what was “hip.” Did your music selection translate into the type of people you hung out with and the other kids you related to? 

Well that was early on, and I don’t think I really had any close friends that shared the same love for music until I was out of high school.

You’re not much of a social media person. How has the transition been from not caring about social media to having to care about Facebook, Twitter, etc?

It definitely keeps you busy, and I’m still not a fan because more than half of the stuff on there is crap in my opinion. It’s necessary now more than ever–especially in the art–so I guess I just have to get use to it.

Do you find yourself wanting to be on social media more now that you are a part of it?

Yes, it is a bit like a disease but I think you just need to stay conscience to whats going on right in front of you!

Your album was just released on February 10th. How does it feel?

Great! I’m happy to be spreading the word, playing shows, and having people enjoy something that I work really hard on. I have already been back in the studio as well. The whole process of the first album really sparked a different inspiration and let me meet and see different kinds of people.

Any last words for your fans?

Thank you so much for the support!

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Song Review: Ships Have Sailed “Criminal”


Sometimes less is more. The bare bones sound of Ships Have Sailed’s “Criminal” weaves ambient noise and slow-pulsing drums to glide you through its introduction. The lyrics are soft spoken, succinct, and chosen with delicate consideration. Toward the latter end of the record, Ships gracefully guides their listeners with a choir-esq “oh” chant and a drum pattern reminiscent of a high school marching band. The song is short and sweet. And coming in exactly 2 minutes, Ships asserts that they have the moxie to move music enthusiasts merely with drums, vocals, and an atmospheric background.  You can buy their album on iTunes here.

And check out their full album review Moodswings here.

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Beat of the Week: Mother – Temperance [Free download]

Name: Mother
Age: 24
Location: Planet Earth
Music genre: Hip Hop/Trap/RnB/Electro Pop
Influences:  Michael Jackson, Prince, Daft Punk, Air, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Hip Hop from the 70’s, Childish Gambino, famous producers from the 80s to now, retro video games, SF, and all good stuffs.
What inspired this beat: Retro Video Games, SF. As regards of ambiance, I like to work with words to define ’em, it helps me find the sounds I’m gonna’ use. For this one [Temperance] it was “pure” and “fluid.”
Equipment used: Maschine 2 to make the beat/ Izotope Ozone 6 for mastering.


Atmospheric strings and an uplifting melody open Temperance.  Hoarse synths, muffled kick drums and a thick bass line gradually follow. The vibe is reminiscent of the background sounds of 8-bit Atari goodness. But the tempo is chill enough to bring out your inner Buddha (if that floats your boat).

It take a well-crafted production to string together a piece of work that manages to demand attention for the entire five minute duration with very subtle transitions. Mother avoids chord progressions and  sparingly welcomes a bit of filtering to alter his sounds. It’s not much, but it manages to come together nicely.

But maybe that’s the point of Temperance—to move through stillness. Or maybe I’m getting a little too deep on myself here. And if you haven’t already noticed, Temperance is a free download. Enjoy.

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