Jam of the Week – Nesfly “Six Feet Under”

Damn do I love the drums on this song. Nesfly comes from Stockholm, Sweden and has much more sounds you can hear from his Soundcloud account.

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Have Fun

I’ll keep this one short and sweet. I really love watching Pat Ryan’s creative process unfold in this short video. What’s more important is the fact that he is really enjoying what he’s doing. Most people are naturally drawn to others who are good at what they do and have fun doing it. I think he even knows he’s not a great singer, but he goes for that shit anyway. Fucking hilarious.. Enjoy doing what you do and everything will fall into place. Rock on, people, rock on!

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Quality Over Quantity


For the past day or so I have been unusually frustrated. Maybe it’s because I’m getting ready for my first trip outside the country in the next month and things aren’t going as smoothly as I’d like. And maybe it’s also a mix of not releasing a song I have been working on as I had initially scheduled. Either way, it’s unusual.

In regards to my latest project, I heard a quote from Earl Nightingale (such a great speaker btw) where he mentioned consumers aren’t concerned about the time it takes to create any given piece of work; they care about the quality of work completed. I paused and really thought about what he said.

Completing assignments in a timely manner has always been a bit of a struggle for me. When I wrote for my on campus college magazine I would spend hours upon hours trying to perfect my writing. I would spend so much time in the Journalism lab that I would often be there from the morning until it was time to lock up. Not only that but I would spend time reading magazines, hoping to get inspiration.

I would honestly be jealous of the students that seemed to breeze through their work and, in my opinion, turned in better articles than me. I feel like creating music is just as challenging. One day I feel like the project is complete; on other days I feel like I need to add something in or take something out. It’s a constant fucking struggle and sometimes it’s frustrating as fuck.

Maybe I should really take advice from Nightingale and worry about the quality of my work. It may take me longer than I’d like, but maybe it will be something I can stand by and say I gave it an honest effort.

If you have any creative struggles, I’d love to hear how you overcome them…

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The Ghost Ship


My sincerest condolences go out to the friends and families of the recent fire victims in Oakland, California. I do not plan to go into detail regarding the Ghost Ship’s fire, but you can read it here. It light of the tragic event, I would like to share some of my thoughts.

I have always  had a love and admiration for unique art and music venues created for the people by the people. I’ve seen art shows held in garages and music played in a unique music venues including a bus. So the fire really struck a chord with me.

I’ve heard about warehouse shows back when I wrote an article about hardcore dancing in my college days. Though I never attended an Oakland warehouse show, I have always wanted to experience going to one. In addition, I may even want to throw another event on my own.

It’s such a tragic day for the people who’ve lost someone this past day. If you plan to attend any large to semi-large event, please know where the exits are. And if you plan to have any drinks, then drink responsibly. And please take all precautionary measures necessary if you plan to throw events. There are too many lives at risk.

You can view more pictures of the Ghost Ship here.

Update: I know this has nothing to do with the Oakland fire, but I just found out that my coworker lost his house this weekend due to a fire. I am at a loss for words regarding this. If you feel obligated to help him and his family, you can go to his gofundme account here.


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Jam of the Week – Peter Zimmermann “Konigspudel”


This week’s rump shaker “Konigspudel” comes from Hamburg, Germany’s own Peter Zimmermann. The song is featured on his recent album Eine Nacht Mit Peter (I’m almost certain I’d butcher the name if I tried to pronounce it). But anyway, you can purchase the album here. Now go out there and shake your rump! Shake it I tells you!

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The Silver Lining



While at work today I experienced a feeling of disgust. I could equate the feeling to getting my heart broken by a lady crush or smelling a stranger’s fart. Not cool. Not fucking cool at all. You don’t have to be an egghead to realize that the feeling pretty much blew (I apologize for any egg-headed folk I may have offended).

I know I’m not the only person out there that experiences the feeling of, how should I say this, unbelongingness (yes, I made that word up). There are a shit ton of us out there, dang it, I know it! We’re the dreamers, the go-getters, the ones with a fucking chip on our shoulders (on occasion).

Maybe I’m just being a bitter Barry, but it didn’t take me long to see the silver lining in what I do. Sure it’s not where I will be in the future, but there are many things I wouldn’t have experienced or been able to afford without it. Why hell, I even enjoy most of the folks I work with.

It’s funny how a single emotion can literally alter one’s perception of reality. The truth is, I think, the body finds instinctual ways to tell you something is wrong and you’re penalized if you don’t do anything about it. I can personally attest to my statement through the non-rewarding feeling I get after a long day of work or even my attitude when I’m out with friends. The feeling is unavoidable.

I cannot stress the importance of finding the good in all that you do, however, it is more important to optimize your service by doing what you’re intended to do. In turn, your enthusiasm to serve will not only reflect in what you do, but it will also reflect in your day-to-day interactions. Fight on, people, fight on.


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Faith Without Deeds is Dead


I’m going to keep it plain and simple today ladies and gentlemen. I believe faith without deeds is dead. On the flip side of that I also believe a deed without faith is dead. Action without a firm belief in what you’re doing is wasted energy…unless you eventually build faith in what you do. Think on it, meditate on it, and act on it.

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