The Artie Hendrix TAKEOVER Xperience!!!!


It’s a hostile takeover and I’m taking everybody with me! Hahaha! (Just kidding). Anywho, yesterday marked my 28th year on this planet, and all I can say is: “THE INFECTION BEGINS TODAY!”

That’s right folks, that was a 28 Days later reference for you laymens out there. Artie Hendrix is taking over Cheap Sushi and you know what? I really don’t give a care! So because I love all of you I’m going to give you a gift. So from me to you, I give you the world premiere of the video “Madonna Whore Complex.”

Video editing by: Bane Biz

Photos by: Jeff Lowy

-The Hendrix

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One Response to The Artie Hendrix TAKEOVER Xperience!!!!

  1. Justin Galicia says:

    sweet video!!! its nice to see telegraph avenue in it

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