Amalgrama To Go, Please (Part 3 of 3)

We at Cheap Sushi recently had the opportunity to share a few words with several band members from Walnut Creek’s Amalgrama. In the final leg of a three part series (Yeah, we started from the end) you get to meet Conner Edmunds, the drummer, and Darius Tehrani, the lead vocalist. Both artists briefly explain the band’s complete makeover and Darius later expresses what is in store for the band’s future. So grab a tasty bag of Skittles and enjoy the show.

Update: In the video Conner Edmonds is spelled incorrectly. The correct spelling is Edmunds. Thanks for the heads up, Conner.

Video editing by: Femi

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3 Responses to Amalgrama To Go, Please (Part 3 of 3)

  1. Conner Edmunds says:

    article misspells my name “Conner Edmunds” and thanks for video and blog guys it was great!

    • Hey Conner,
      My mistake for mispelling your name. I will see if I still have the raw footage of the show so I can fix the problem. If I no longer have the footage I will write a side note on the bottom of the blog, expressing the fact that your name was mispelled. But thank you for your cooperation and I’m happy you enjoyed the video.

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