Wu-Tang Clan – The Rebirth Tour

Cheap Sushi and Wu-Tang!? Now I know what you guys are thinking. Cheap Sushi is supposed to only showcase local art and music, but we couldn’t help ourselves; we had to do it. It was our original plan to record the show using two cameras, but it just so happened that I was in possibly the worst section in San Francisco’s music venue, the Mezzanine. Not only was I in the sketchiest area, where several fights nearly broke loose and people were pushing off each other like they were at a punk show, but it seemed as if the tallest people in the Mezzanine made a pact to stand directly in front of me. Now I get my Ferrigno on from time to time, but keeping a video camera above my head through an hour and thirty minute set was not happening.

Regardless of what was going on around me, the show was awesome and beer flowed like wine–though a tall can of PBR was nine bucks. Talk about wacksauce. Anyway, more footage of the Rebirth Tour coming soon, including video of the Bay Area artist, The Jacka. You won’t want to miss it.

P.S. To the guy in the audience yelling, “buck, buck, buck, buck!” like you had a gun, you’ve officially made my night. Hilarious!

Video editing by: Art Degrate

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3 Responses to Wu-Tang Clan – The Rebirth Tour

  1. Wu-Tang come back? Yes please. I like the showcasing of local artists.

  2. Heck Yeah. Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate it, sir. And don’t worry, we have plenty of videos coming soon!

  3. Cakes says:

    I was seriously hopin’ to go to this show, but I got injured and was out on some strong pain meds for a while. But thanks for the video Art – it’s fresh 2 death! And hoping to see you soon for that Wu beanie!!

    Also added this blog to my bookmarks over @ my new site… hollllerrrrr!

    – Cakes

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