Interview with Killator




Manteca, CA (Born in Redwood City)

How long have you been recording music?

I have been recording music since 1996. My first album was in 1999.

What inspires your music and why does it inspire your music?

It’s all at random. Sometimes I feel like destroying the world; sometimes I wanna make people laugh. Whatever mood I am in determines the outcome of a track. I do not set out to be one style or genre.

So I noticed that one of your trademarks is wearing a mask while performing. What else makes you stand out as an up-and-coming artist?

I would say my odd taste in lyric & rhyme choice. I make sure to be as  polysyllabic as possible. I also try to say things that aren’t too common.

What is one random fact about you that you wouldn’t mind your fans knowing about you?

I once derailed a train with my penis… but it was for a good cause.

Let’s say you’re stranded on an island. What are three things you are likely to take along with you?

1. My girlfriend 2. Drawing pad (with pens, pencils & erasers) 3. The corpse of Rodney Dangerfield.. no respect. lol

What are your plans musically for the new year?

I plan on releasing an e.p. titled, “The Show Must Go On” (in reference to my crew breaking up, Corpse Circus). I also plan on releasing a full album soon after titled, “Bastard of The Universe,”  and a mix tape featuring BTME/Club27, DWM, Cinikill, YP, VD, and El Pasty Guero.

Do you have any last statements you’d like to tell your fans?

Support the music you love, whether it’s mine or not, or you will be force-fed all the bullshit the radio plays. If you love an artist, pay him for his or her time… P.S. Go to my website and pay me money or so help me god I will murder your family pets.

Video edited by: Bane Biz

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1 Response to Interview with Killator

  1. Lewis Smith says:

    Killator, AKA, Killian Torres Is just one awesome person.

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