Interview with As Artifacts (Formerly Sink This Ship)

From left to right: Kevin Arquines, Joey Webb, Mikey Yankovich, Travis Bartosek, Rudy Rosatti, Stephen Mallory

Remember our old friends Sink This Ship? Well, a couple of things have changed within the six-piece post-hardcore band since we last heard from them. As you’ve probably already read in the headline–or I hope you did–Sink this Ship is now As Artifacts. Don’t worry. There’s no need to cry if you were in love with As Artifact’s former name; they have even better news. Recently, the Bay Area band signed a record deal with InVogue Records. So to show As Artifacts some love, we’ve decided to take some time to have a few words with them. And if you have yet to see their live performance at Walnut Creek’s Redhouse, watch it here.

And for the non-readers: There is an As Artifacts song waiting down there for you. Enjoy.

First and foremost, I would like to congratulate you all for being signed to Invogue records. How does it feel to be signed?

Travis Bartosik -It feels REALLY nice. I never expected it to come so quickly.

Mikey Yankovich- Being signed is sick. I can’t complain about having our CD in stores and getting sent on tour consistently.

Rudy Rosatti – It’s a really good feeling to have such a great group of guys working so hard to get our music out there and it’s a very reassuring feeling.

Joey Webb – It feels great to be signed and that we get to market our music to a bigger crowd. I’m also incredibly stoked to tour!

How did the signing process come about? Did you guys actively look for a record label or did they find you?

JW – We have been looking around for labels for a while. We heard that Nick from Before Their Eyes had a label. When we found out that Nick’s label was looking for bands, we sent them our stuff. They seemed pretty interested and it all came together from there.

Since you guys are signed now, what are your plans for the New Year?

TB –Write and tour, tour, tour! We are putting out our first EP Feb 22nd, which everyone who is reading this should pick up!

RR – Well, we’ve got our debut EP coming out February 22nd. And we’re gonna be on the road as much as possible, with a full length to follow.

Ok so since we’re already on the topic of record labels, if any one of you guys could sign an independent band to your label which band would it be and why?

MY – Woe, Is Me because I love that band. And The Story So Far. I love that band too.

JW – I would sign Lights for my own selfish, romantic, and slightly creepy reasons.

So what are your plans after you get your first million buckaroos?

TB – Put it in the bank.

MY – Make a million more. Invest. Make sure that I’m set after my band career is said and done.

JW – To build a record studio.

Just recently, you guys changed your name from Sink This Ship to As Artifacts. Why the name change and where did the name come from?

MY – When we’d tell people the name out loud, they’d usually hear “Sink The Ship” and it just got old. We didn’t want to be associated with some of the older incarnations of the band as well. Plus, distancing ourselves from Abandon All Ships couldn’t hurt.

JW – Sink This Ship has come a long way since it started. We decided that with new band members and new music that a new name would be a fresh start. Plus we wanted to stray away from the nautical-based band name.

I don’t know if you guys are fans of zombies, but I am. With that said, if there is a zombie apocalypse what would be your weapon of choice?

TB – A sword. Why you may ask? It’s swift, silent, and doesn’t run out of bullets.

MY – A really big gun with unlimited ammo. I’m not tryna mess around.

RR – our van.

JW – Every day I wake up, hoping the world is faced with a viral epidemic, turning people into zombies. The only effective way to stop a zombie is to destroy the brain because the virus completely takes over the brain, making it fully self-sufficient, eliminating any other use for previously vital organs (ramble, ramble, blah, blah…) As cliché as it sounds, I would have to go with the 12 gauge shotgun because its stopping power is life saving in close combat. It can blow the head off a body in one shot, rendering the zombie useless.

Just for shits and giggles, if two bands decided on making an As Artifacts baby, which two bands would that be?

TB – The Devil Wears Prada and Attack Attack!

MY – I don’t even know what an As Artifacts baby is.

RR – Bleedbeforetheskies and Dance My Heart.

JW – Dance My Heart and The Devil Wears Prada.

If you guys could sum up this year in one word, what would that word be?

TB – Surprising. I never would have guessed ANY of this would happen.

MY – Sick.

RR – Sick.

JW – Sick.

Any last statements you’d like to tell your fans?

TB – THANK YOU. Without you we are nothing. You guys seriously are the reason why this job is so much fun. Come out to a show and bring your friends. They won’t be disappointed!

MY – Thanks for all the support. We hope everyone will stick through as we finally complete the transition from Sink This Ship to As Artifacts. It’s all a façade.

RR – How badly does my moustache make you want to touch mine?

As Artifacts – You Belong With Me [Taylor Swift Cover]

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