Gee of The Understudies

A few words from Artie Hendrix:

Listen up Gee’s, gents, and fly ladies. This aint no Fonzeworth Bentley, but imma tell you about a Gee. You see, he’s an Understudy, coming in his own. Dropped a free steezy. Cheap Sushi. Getting hella love. Mad apologies for the cussin’. Sorry mom, I know betta, but this is art in the truest form. Verbally and written perfection. Well, back to the subject. This kid got crazy skill. Spit an acapella plus a beat box, amazin’ ill. Plus what he saying will make your rhyme book ignite the blazin’. Not for your hot bars. Sorry pa, get over it, clean slate it. After gazin’ this video for the duration, imitation would be your only form of rejuvenation…

Anyway, check out Gee of the Understudies. Enjoy.

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