A Few Words With Aim For The Weekend

Shennanigans with Aim For The Weekend. (From left to right): John Rauda, Donny Sauer, JC Charles and Chris Altice.

Photos by: Jonathan Thorpe

Update: Check out Aim For The Weekend’s anticipated EP “Street Lights” right here. 

Quick question: How long do you think it takes the average newcomer in the music industry  to build an impressive fan base and achieve radio play in another country? Any guesses? No? Well, in the Virginia-based Pop Rock band Aim For The Weekend’s case, it took less than twelve months. What started off with John Rauda, the lead vocalist; and JC Charles, the guitarist, playing cover songs for fun in early April 2010, soon became a four-piece band as Donny Sauer, the bassist; and Chris Altice, the drummer, joined the duo. Now, after gaining radio circulation in Indonesia, making nearly two thousand fans, and with an EP in the works,  Aim For The Weekend may prove to have what it takes to make waves in the music industry.

Watch their video “Another Day At The Office” for a quick laugh and check out their new song “Everybody” below the interview.

How did all of you guys meet?

John Rauda- I met JC through a friend of mine while partying one night. I’ve Known Donny and Chris for a while.

Chris Atlice- I met most of the guys just through mutual friends and our love for music. I wish I could say that we’ve all known each other since we were kids but thats not how it happened. I’ve known JC the least amount of time.

In the beginning, you guys started out performing cover songs for fun. What motivated you guys to start making your own music?

Chris- I think the timing was just right for it. I mean, we were having fun partying and making music together. We basically have the soundtrack to our lives, why not?

How is everything going with the band so far? Experiencing any roadblocks?

John- So far it’s been going great. We have had tons of positive feedback as well as so many fans and people that really like our music. Not many road blocks here at the moment.

JC- No real roadblocks. Being in a band is a lot of work, but we all understand that and we don’t let it get us down. This is what we want to do!

Donny- Well, yes. JC keeps stealing my guitar picks. John sings too loud. And Chris is suffering from a psychological disorder in which he calls himself “The Crippler.” I’m kind of afraid for my life.

This question might be too early to ask, but I know that in most bands there’s always the party animal, the one who is all about business, and the one the stands around and looks pretty. If you guys gave each other roles, what roles would they be and why?

Chris-John is the party animal. As for the pretty one…probably Donny with his straight long hair blowing in the wind, looking like a “dog show” puppy. And I’d say JC and I like to party also, but we are definitely more down to business.

JC- I am all of those things.

Are there any musicians you guys wouldn’t mind collaborating with?

John- There’s plenty of great bands out of our area, but I would mostly like to do some stuff with our close friends The Downtown Fiction as well as Sing Me Insomnia.

What do you guys want people to think and feel when they put on your music and give it a listen?

Chris- I would want them to just feel alive. I hope our music is something they could put on and sing to if they are in a bad mood and need a break.

Donny- I want people to feel like they could just explode after listening to it.

JC- I do not want people to explode after listening to it.

If you could pick a favorite song you’ve recorded so far, what song would that be and why?

Chris- I think my favorite song is “See You Then.” It has a lot of personal meaning to me. But my favorite song to play on drums is “Over It.”

John- I liked recording them all since it’s an experience I’ve never done personally. But as far as favorite song, I’d say “Over It.”

Donny- I like all of the songs, but I’d have to say my favorite thus far is “Over It;” It’s definitely the most fun one to play.

JC- I like “Body Of Lies” the best, but “Everybody” is my favorite to play.

Do you guys have any projects in the near future (i.e. tours, CD release, video shoots, etc). If so, let us know a little bit about them.

Chris- iTunes release soon! As for the rest, well that all depends on how well our EP does! It will honestly be up to the fans about what we do and where we go.

JC- Yeah, our EP will be on iTunes sometime in late March and we’re working on some other things too.

Donny- I’m sure once we kick off this EP we will get right down to business. Tours are definitely going to happen, as well as a music video.

Rather than ask you guys where you see yourselves in five years, I figure we can let your fans know something cooler than that. If you guys were superheroes what alias would you go under and what super power would you have?

John- I would have the super power of making food appear on the spot.. and it would be Chipotle or Five Guys Burgers and Fries!

Chris- I am already a superhero called “The Crippler.” I’m a super human hockey player who takes out any opposition in my way of a hockey puck.

Donny- Telekinesis. I think I already have it though.

JC- I wouldn’t want a super power because with great power comes great responsibility, and all I want to do is tour in a van and play music every night.

Thank you guys for the interview. And thank you to Jonathan Thorpe for the great photos.

Aim For The WeekendEverybody

“Another Day At The Office”

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