As Artifacts in “The SackTap Bandits”

The stage is pitch black inside the Red House in Walnut Creek. The sound of the crowd soon becomes faint–well, sort of–when As Artifact’s dramatic, symphony-like, opening instrumental begins. The crowd cheers as the music thumps louder through the speakers. Shortly into the intro, the band breaks the melodic opening notes with heavy guitar riffs and the clashing of drums. As the music builds, the stage lights flicker on and the lead screamer, Travis Bartosik, lets off a long-breathed howl as he yells “Walnut Creek,” on the top of his lungs. Though they are the last to perform for the night, the real fun has just begun for the Walnut Creek based band’s CD release show.

On Saturday February 19th, the Bay Area band As Artifacts, headlined their CD release show at the Red House. Within the first week of releasing their debut EP “Reclamation,” they achieved honorable recognition amongst other bands in their genre. Now, with an EP under their belt, nearly 2,500 followers on Facebook, and an upcoming tour, there’s no telling what the rest of the year has in store for the seven-piece, post-hardcore band.

And if you REALLY love As Artifacts help them get to the Warped Tour by voting for them here.

And, yes, there is a typo in the video. The song they are performing is called “Ain’t No Party Like The Donner Party.” Oopsiedoodle, guys, oopsiedoodle.

Oh, and special thanks to the Youtube user MrGObigGOhome for allowing us to use his footage of the concert. You rock, sir, you rock.

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