As Artifacts “Reclamation” Album Release Show Part Two

Did you miss us yet? We know you guys are really upset that we left for a while and put your lives in a mess. But please, don’t lose your heads. Because today we talk to Brandon, Vincent and Mitch about As Artifacts and how they all agree they’re the shit. And not to mention, we also speak with Marcus and Darius, who didn’t mind sharing that Travis likes to show off his private areas. Yeah, we’re serious.

Anyway, this time around “Chugs Ahoy” and “Dear Gravity, You’re Holding Me Down” are the two jams performed that work up the crowd. So without further ado kick off your shoes, check out these dudes, and watch this video until your brains turn to goo. Yes, goo. Enjoy. 🙂

And if you want to start from the beginning of the As Artifacts three-part series, you can start here. And feel free to support As Artifacts for their Gnarlie Sheen tour which kicks off on May 13th in Walnut Creek.

P.S. The finale will be up within the next few weeks. Party on.

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