Interview with Deadlines and Diamonds

From left to right: Daniel Benjamin Flores, Namor Nalupta, Shane Gould, Laura Vierra, Kori Harrington, and Philip Bates

In less than six months, Deadlines and Diamonds transcended from holding casual jam sessions to booking shows throughout the Bay Area. Though the East Bay band only has a handful of tracks available to the public, songs like “Smoke and Mirrors,” along with their new single “Speak,” display their keen ability to interweave heavy rock with melodic choruses. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to speak with the six-piece unit about the origin of the band’s name, their upcoming album, and whatever random question appeared in my head.

And check out Deadlines and Diamonds first webisode on the bottom of the interview for a glimpse of the band. For the entire song click here.

So tell Cheap Sushi readers a little bit about yourselves

We started jamming about four months ago and we didn’t even have a band name or anything. The majority of us were from different bands/projects that fell apart for one reason or another. Our two singers, Shane and Laura (formerly The Threats), had these amazing songs recorded, but didn’t have a band. Shane and our bass player, Daniel, masterminded a plan to recruit the most dedicated, passionate, and hardworking musicians they knew. They both work at Hot Topic in Stoneridge Mall and you can pick up a copy of our demo from the store for FREE!

Who thought of the band name Deadlines and Diamonds? What does the name stand for?

Namor Nalupta – Shane came up with the band name. Our theory is that meeting deadlines goes hand in hand with meeting your goals. And that’s one thing I am most proud of about this band. Every member is constantly doing their part to get us to the next level. So in a way, the name is also a good representation of our work ethic/personalities.

So what are you guys currently doing to get yourselves to the next level?

We are doing whatever signed, national bands are doing. We’re pretty much going to try and do it on our own. Be it online via Youtube, Twitter, or Facebook. And even old-school DIY like promoting at The Warped Tour etc.

Tell me a little bit about the upcoming CD you guys are working on

The new song we just released on Facebook “Speak,” is a perfect example of our direction musically. We have a sweet cover in the works right now as well. We want our audience to have fun and sweat it out with us on stage. BOUNCE! Lyrically, we want to offer our fans more than “I want to see you S*** my D*** while I give Justin Bieber a beat down.” If that works for some bands, that’s fine too. Whatever tickles your pickle!

Since we’re on the topic of your CD, tell us three MUST HAVES at a typical recording session

ProTools, Alcohol, Febreeze for stinky ass TOMS feet.

Haha! Stinky ass TOMS feet huh? Who would win the award for the smelliest feet?

Nalupta – I would probably win hands down…all that double bass works up a nice elixir of sweat haha!

Besides releasing your upcoming cd, do you guys have any other big news that fans should know about?

Nalupta – Actually, We’re pretty bummed that we had to drop off a tour in August with our friends in The Parade and The Holy Ghost Circuit, BUT it’s for good reason. We’re working on some top secret shit that I personally have been chasing for  five-to-six years now! I never thought that the day would actually come and here we are with this bad ass opportunity to take our music career further. If all goes well, we’ll share the good news!

Fantastic! So picture this: you guys are nominated and win best new artist at the MTV music awards. What would your winning speech look like?

Probably six grown adults in front of a national TV audience crying tears of joy.

Do any of you guys have pre-show rituals? If so, who has them and what are those rituals.

Currently, we don’t have a stereo in our van hooked up so we haven’t done this yet…But in our previous bands we would all sit in the van and do Melissa Cross vocal warm-ups. The playlist also has Underoath and Mayday Parade songs! When I was in The Subtle Way, the singers Jamie and Marcelo (now in Casino Madrid) had Underoath’s “Writing on the walls” and Mayday Parade’s “Jersey” as part of the warm-up playlist, which we’d all sing along to like 14-year-old girls. Once we heard those song, it kind of put us in “show mode.” Hopefully it can be part of the Deadlines and Diamonds tradition! I enjoy listening to my band mates doing the “monkey exercise” that’s on the playlist. You have to be there! The Zen of Screaming fools!

Wow! Monkey exercise? Please do explain

Basically, you imitate the sounds that a monkey makes (Mee-gee eee ee ee) up and down a scale on the piano. It sounds ridiculous, but it helps! Buy the DVD it’s ten bucks at

We will definitely consider it haha! So what does Deadlines and Diamonds have to offer that no other band in the scene has?

It’s almost cliche that every band out there will say that they are “HEAVY AND MELODIC.” Kori and I were a part of The Subtle Way, and we played primarily heavy music. Phil did a stint on the Warped Tour with a pop-punk band. Daniel and I are die-hard fans of old school metal like Iron Maiden and Motley Crue. Shane and Laura are all about sweet-ass melodies when it comes to songwriting. With our melting pot of influences and backgrounds, I think we’re able to balance the heavier influences with the poppier melodic elements. It is easier said than done. It’s a constant learning experience. Most bands fall short, but we’d like to be part of the few that succeed. We hope it’s evident in the music that we release, especially in the choruses because that’s where the money is!

Are any of you guys local show fanatics? If so, what local band do you love watching?

All of our friends are pretty much in really amazing bands that deserve to be MORE THAN JUST LOCAL! It Starts With Alaska, A Night In Hollywood, 5 Characters, As Artifacts, Heart Of A Warrior. And, yes, all these bands paid me two dollars each to mention their name.

Tell me a little about the webisodes that you guys plan to sporadically release.

The webisodes are a way for us to keep fans interested by giving them an inside look. It’s only possible to post “like our band” so many times without spamming or starting to annoy people on the newsfeed. With the webisodes, we always have something new, interesting, or funny to offer!

What is your ultimate goal as a band?

Nalupta – The six of us would love music to be our career. We’re tired of retail and restaurant jobs! A wise woman once told me “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” so for now, we’re focusing on getting labels on our side before we can get back to the best part of being in a band: Tours! \m/

Any final words?

We’re really humbled by all the positive feedback on our Facebook page and Twitter feed that we created just a few weeks ago. we’d love to play your high school lunches, college events etc! Pray for us! Spread the word about Deadlines and Diamonds! FREE WEEZY!

Thank you guys for the opportunity!

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