Interview with “Who has music for us?”

In a time when local musicians get lost in the shuffle of other up-and-comers, Sergio Garcia found a way to give bands the recognition they deserved and music-seekers what they wanted without bombarding them. The result: “Who has music for us.” In a matter of a few months, the 24-year-old Southern California native managed to create a virtually unknown Facebook page into a music hub that is continuing to grow in popularity. We were fortunate to get the opportunity to share a few words with the sole-force behind “Who has music for us” and discuss what got him into promoting local music, what is most rewarding about his hobby, and what he foresees in the future of “Who has music for us.”

So tell Cheap Sushi readers a little about yourself.

I live in the surrounding LA area, and I have been going to all kinds of shows since I was 13. I’m open-minded when it comes to music, and I like all genres from classic rock to underground rap. I’ve been in bands myself so I know first hand the struggles of getting your name out there and having people give your music a chance.

You’ve been in bands? What bands have you been in? When?

I was in Sincerely Gunther, which was a five-piece Punk band formed in 2000. We never made it very far, but we had a great time doing it. We lasted for about a year and called it quits. I was also in Bid-fare Well, which was a five-piece Rock band formed in 2002. We sounded like Taking Back Sunday, mixed with Thursday; that band lasted for two years. We played a lot of shows, got 2nd in battle of the bands for our high school, and recorded a five song EP. But, like most bands, we called it a day and stopped. But man we had some good times playing. I very much miss those days.

So you’ve been attending shows since you were 13? How was your first show experience?

My First show was a backyard Punk show. It was such a great experience, and man did I get hooked. I went to a show almost every weekend after that, but a lot of shows turned into people getting drunk and fighting. So it quickly stopped being about the music.

What got you interested in promoting local music?

It all started with my brothers band Seditionist. I worked hard to promote their music on other promotion pages until I realized that most promotion pages overwhelm their followers with more bands then they could handle in one day. It then gave me the idea to start my own promotion page and finally give bands the chance they deserve to be heard by not posting so many bands at one time.

How did you get the ball rolling with “Who has music for us?” Were there any setbacks when you first started?

I quickly promoted my page on other promotion pages and on the pages of local bands in my area first. The biggest set back was getting people to like the page due to the fact that there wear a lot of promotion pages out there. I think people quickly noticed the difference between my page and others.

In your opinion, what else sets apart “Who has music for us” from other band promotion pages?

A lot of Facebook pages post and tag five bands in a single post; every band gets their own post on my page. Also, other promotion pages post a band’s link, requiring fans to navigate to the band’s page to check them out. I provide the music on my page. With one click you’re listening to the band, and, if you like them, you can click their link, and go on their Facebook page. And if you don’t like the band all you have to do is scroll down and listen to the next band. A lot of people are what I would say lazy. We all want it now and we don’t want to have to work to hear a band. This gives our followers an easy way to check out bands. This also helps bands get heard much easier.

How else does “Who has music for us” plan to promote local music?

“Who has music for us” is working on getting shows together. I plan on talking to venues and arranging dates to set these shows up. Once I get the conformation of these dates, I will contact certain bands to play.

So you plan on putting shows together? What bands do you have in mind to put on your first possible show? Why those bands?

Yes I am. I want to do a lot of shows. I’m really looking for one venue to have shows, but if I can’t find one, I plan to rent out a warehouse. I have no specific bands I want to work with as of now, but I will most likely chose local bands from the LA area first. I’ll eventually book bands from out of state to come down here and play.

Besides posting band’s music and setting up shows, what else do you plan on doing to better get bands recognition?

I’m in the process of getting something set up for reviews and interviews with bands. I’m also going to try and get a stand at the next Warped Tour and any other festival I come across. I also plan on making a few compilation CD’s, which will feature a variety of bands, and passing them out at shows. I may also get a street team going as well.

When you’re not busting your ass and promoting for local musicians, what are you more likely doing during your spare time?

I work, play soccer, go to shows, exercise, hang out with my girlfriend, friends and family.

What is most rewarding about running “Who has music for us?”

The most rewarding thing about running “Who has music for us” is the fact that I can make bands move forward in a way that my bands in the past could never imagine. It feels great helping others, and the respect I receive from a lot of these bands makes me want to work even harder. 

Where do you ultimately want to take “Who has music for us?”

I hope to turn this into a career. “Who has music for us” is just the beginning of many more things to come. I hope that when the word PROMOTION comes to mind, the name “Who has music for us” will be their first and only choice.

Any last words?

I have one Last Question: “Who has music for us?”

Haha! Nice! Thank you so much for your time Sergio!

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3 Responses to Interview with “Who has music for us?”

  1. daniel says:

    help me support this band plss 🙂!/drakmaofficial

  2. i was in a band named STORM about 27 years ago! lol we never recorded, only played 2 birthday parties! but woot what a blast we had

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