East Bay Hip Hop Music Festival

Photos By: Tabby Turner and Pip

For the past year and a half we’ve emerged as a multimedia platform, showcasing up-and-coming artists on-and-off the stage. This past weekend, with the help of Rob Florido of the 4th Dimension, we successfully celebrated our love for underground music by holding the first annual East Bay Hip Hop Music Festival in the small, yet intimate, music venue Mutiny MFB in Antioch, California.

With just over twenty Bay Area artists performing throughout the day, those who were fortunate to attend witnessed lyricists, poets, and a live band that set the mood for a fifteen-minute cypher session. Be sure to be on the lookout for future events thrown by us and friends. Hooray!

P.S. We now have t-shirts for sale! If interested, email us at cheapsushi.ca@gmail.com.

mutiny mfb

From left to right: Onslaught the Mc, Caliber, Tnt


Drew "2EZ" Byrdsong

From left to right: Bane Biz, Dru Dirty, Clockwork

From left to right: Sneek and Caleborate

Brotha Smith

Panopoly showing the crowd how they "gets down"

Cheap Sushi Girls

Cypher Session

From left to right: Dyna Mic and Pip

Jay Gurule'


Afrikan Prince

Ruby Ibarra

Lil Fedex

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