Did We Mention That We Have T-shirts For Sale?

Ahhh! Can you smell it? It’s that time of the year again, folks. It’s that time for sharing, caring, and swooping on a Cheap Sushi t-shirt. This Christmas season you don’t have to worry about writing Santa Claus a wish list, baking him a batch of wack-ass chocolate chip cookies, or worry about being naughty or nice. You can go straight to the source and pre-order any size and color t-shirt that suits your needs. Our current t-shirt sells for $15, and, for this month only, you can purchase two t-shirts for $25.

Oh, and since we’re in a jolly mood, the first person to reply to this blog, or send us an email at cheapsushi.ca@gmail.com saying “I love Cheap Sushi,” will get a free t-shirt and up to five people after the winner will get their first t-shirt for $10. Enjoy! 🙂

For ordering info contact us at cheapsushi.ca@gmail.com

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