Interview with The Lillies

From left to right: Roberto Pereda, Mark Simpson, Raul Magana III, and Matthew Humphrey.

There often comes a point in every musician’s career where they must ask themselves whether they want to continue creating solely for their own personal pleasure or share their talent with the world. After jamming for two years in their garage, two young musicians; Roberto Perada, the lead singer and guitarist; and Matthew Humphrey, the back-up singer and guitarist, decided that playing music in their practice space wasn’t enough. Soon enough, the duo became a quartet with the addition of Raul Magana (back-up singer and bassist) and Mark Simpson (drummer), whom were both musicians that Roberto and Matthew have been jamming with. Fast-forward eight months into the future and you get “The Lillies,” a band two months shy of releasing their first official album. Take a little time to get to know The Lillies and listen to the music that they were so kind to share…or officially be an ass-face (I’m only kidding…kind of).

What inspired your band name?

Raul Magana: We got the name “The Lillies” when our Singer Roberto Pereda took interest in a girl nicknamed “With Lillies and Remains” and after a few beers and messing around, Matthew and Roberto decided to call the band “The Lillies.”

I know you guys have only been around for 8 months now, but do you feel like you’ve come into your own yet?

Matthew Humphrey: We feel that our sound has definitely come into its own because our music is always progressing and changing. This allows us to create music that is original and not restrict ourselves to being in one genre or style.

I’m your opinions what are a few key components that make up for a great band? 

Roberto Pereda:  I think what makes a great band is everyone’s ability to understand each other musically and being there for the right reasons. Being in a band is like being in a family; you get to see the subtle things that make each member unique musically, and the interesting part is mixing your intangibles with theirs and seeing what comes out.

Roberto, you said one of the few components that make up a great band is being in the band for the right reasons…why are you currently in a band?

Roberto Pereda: I am currently in a band because I love music and it keeps me sane–for the most part. When I play my guitar and sing, I feel like this is what I should be doing with my life and it makes me happy.

What has been most rewarding about being in a band so far?

Mark Simpson: The most rewarding part about being in the band is seeing the effect that your music can have on other people’s lives. It’s also really rewarding to be able to express your emotion with a band that feels your ideas and emotion and adds their own ideas to the music.

So Satan himself captures you dudes, along with several other bands, to have a play off to the death; the winners leave with their lives. As a band, what will be your secret weapon(s) that will ensure your victory?

Raul Magana: We are Satan!

You guys are Satan!? That’s crazy! What three bands, local or commercial, would you have in the battle to the death and why would you choose them?

Matthew Humphrey: Mozart, Led Zeppelin, and Miles Davis, We would do this because all three musicians are pinnacle to music and each revolutionized music forever.

What inspires you guys as musicians?

Roberto Pereda: Anything that can provoke an emotion inspires me as a musician. As a singer I like to sing about an emotional struggle, the need for love, the need for understanding, and the anxiety that comes with being imperfect.


Do you guys have any crazy performance stories or stories on the road? If so, please explain…

Raul Magana: We did a small tour to Las Vegas, NV and played The Fuse Exposed Music Festival and had no clue the festival was a metal festival. We ended up playing our music and found out that people loved our music, and ended up partying with everyone after a show. I wish I could say I remember what happened after that, but I can’t.

What was going on through your minds the second you realized that you were just about to perform in front of a crowd of metalheads?

Mark Simpson: Although our sound is not as heavy as most Metal bands, we knew that we had a high energy set and could appeal to any music lover. We also have been known to get pretty heavy sometimes and that doesn’t hurt to do every once in a while.

So far, what is your favorite song to perform and why?

Raul Magana: As a group, we can’t agree on a favorite song for we all have different answers, but we can agree that we like the music that we perform and create everyday.

Do you guys have any plans for the future?

Mark Simpson: We are glad to announce that we will be having our CD released in May this year as well as take part in a small tour to Northern California in July. We are also currently looking to get on a few Festivals for the summer, and we’re hoping to get some more articles about what we are trying to accomplish with our music.

Any last words to your fans or anyone that may stumble across this interview?

Roberto Pereda: “A Blind man once told me that we’re good, so you know we have to be good”

Raul Magana: “We are all just a small bacteria in a large universe.”

The LilliesRollercoaster

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    Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

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