Beat of the Week: Mother – Temperance [Free download]

Name: Mother
Age: 24
Location: Planet Earth
Music genre: Hip Hop/Trap/RnB/Electro Pop
Influences:  Michael Jackson, Prince, Daft Punk, Air, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Hip Hop from the 70’s, Childish Gambino, famous producers from the 80s to now, retro video games, SF, and all good stuffs.
What inspired this beat: Retro Video Games, SF. As regards of ambiance, I like to work with words to define ’em, it helps me find the sounds I’m gonna’ use. For this one [Temperance] it was “pure” and “fluid.”
Equipment used: Maschine 2 to make the beat/ Izotope Ozone 6 for mastering.


Atmospheric strings and an uplifting melody open Temperance.  Hoarse synths, muffled kick drums and a thick bass line gradually follow. The vibe is reminiscent of the background sounds of 8-bit Atari goodness. But the tempo is chill enough to bring out your inner Buddha (if that floats your boat).

It take a well-crafted production to string together a piece of work that manages to demand attention for the entire five minute duration with very subtle transitions. Mother avoids chord progressions and  sparingly welcomes a bit of filtering to alter his sounds. It’s not much, but it manages to come together nicely.

But maybe that’s the point of Temperance—to move through stillness. Or maybe I’m getting a little too deep on myself here. And if you haven’t already noticed, Temperance is a free download. Enjoy.

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