Song Review: Noid  “Kattepajo”



Kattepajo is a lullaby on crack. Or maybe it’s addicting like crack–well, not that I’d know how addictive crack is. Anyway you break it down, the song is just as catchy as it is unique.

Hailing from Karelia, Russia, Noid offers a idiosyncratic genre of music which focuses on Vepsian songs performed in a world music style. Lead singers, Elena Pavlova and Maria Chernysheva, gracefully open Kattepajo as accordion player, Vladimir Solojev, harmonizes in the background. At around 70 bpm, the song maintains a slow, soothing, easy-on-the-ears tone. Around the fifth measure, the crooners chant “Uinda, uinda linduizem/ Babuskon da vonukeine,” which translates to “Go to sleep, go to sleep, my little bird/Grandmother and little grandchild.” The singers continue–in the Veps language of course–as they sing, “Bye, bye, bye…/Grandmother puts you to sleep/Grandmother makes you tired/Little grandchild is something of his own.”

The addition of a clean bass line–thanks to Alexander Shashin–and a briskly paced drum pattern, pick up the track’s pace. Not before long, Kattepajo moves from a jog to a full on stride. In the climatic breakdown, Solojev’s skill behind the accordion is akin to Horse the Band’s Erik Engstrom’s mastery of the electronic keyboard as he ferociously plays his instrument alongside drummer, Ruslin Popov’s, hyperactive beat pattern. Oddly, I feel the urge to throw on a pair of knee high socks,clogs, and shorts high enough to show off my thighs of steel–you better believe I don’t skip out on leg day–as I river dance myself into a frenzy.

The pacing works, the composition is well done, and the overall song is enjoyable. Heck, it even got me to shake my rear end–in the comfort of my own room at least.  Give Kattepajo a whirl; it’s worth it.

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