Can Music be a Means to an End?

This morning I watched a Youtube video posted by Evan Carmichael about Ryan Leslie’s top ten rules for success. All ten points were great, however, his 5th rule really stood out to me (Skip to the 5:50 mark to listen to rule #5). The music industry has been through immense changes for as long as I can remember and, unless you’re a mega artist, the idea of making a substantial amount of money with album sales or even digital downloads seems farfetched.  I really loved how Leslie compared the creation of music to advertisements. A massive amount of money, time, and energy goes into catching people’s attention. Music can be seen the same way—a means to pull fans toward something else you have to offer. This can be a way to buy into your performance, clothing, or some other good that cannot be downloaded or shared by burning a copy. But above all else is it is vital to love what you do before diving head first into it.

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