Work Harder or Smarter?

I’ve always thought to myself how some people are able to achieve more than others as a whole. I work 10 to 12 hours a day, go to the gym, save time for family and friends, and squeeze in sleep. Sometimes I find myself guilty of coming home from work, parking my heiney on the couch, and watching TV for longer than needed. Screw it, I’m human. But there are other days where I work like a f****** machine. And even on the days I’m busting ass, I feel like I am making little to no progress musically. Am I guilty of not working hard enough?

Now I heard people talk about “grinding” to achieve their goals. They speak of eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every day, sleeping a few hours a night (if any), and sometimes leaving their day job. But what about the folks that hate pb&j, need their sleep, and need their job to take care of “grown up shit?”

Part of me understands the necessary sacrifice needed to get things accomplished. But I recently watched a video clip of Tai Lopez where he said, “When people are young they lose their health to get wealth; and when they are old, they use their wealth to get back their health.” Whether you agree with what he said or not, his quote resonated with me. Why are we bombarded with the idea that success comes through nearly destroying yourself in the process? Is it really necessary? Is it at all possible to achieve substantial goals through a slow, thought out process?

I always believed in working smarter and never harder and I am willing to bet a focused hour of work can out due a half-assed 4 hours of work any day. Sure it has been proven that putting yourself through hell can achieve results, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t better methods to achieve long lasting results. I still have a lot to learn about creating music and what works best for me to achieve maximum results. Time and more knowledge will tell when that will be. Until then, keep moving forward.

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