My Appreciation for Artistic Creation

Lately, I’ve been on somewhat of a Neptunes binge. The Neptunes were (and still are) my favorite producers in my high-schooling days. I would argue with my brother until my face turned blue that I wasn’t trying to be like Pharrell Williams even as I wore my N*E*R*D trucker hat, Independent skate shirt, camouflage shorts, and Nike Dunks *Shrug.*

This video of Williams and Justin Timberlake has been one of my favorites. The video showcases the organic workflow of them creating the bridge to “Rock Your Body” from Timberlake’s first solo project Justified.

It’s easy to forget all of the work that goes into creating art. As a creator and a consumer, I am oftentimes accustomed to buying into the finished product without thinking twice about the process. Watching Williams and Timberlake create makes me appreciate the creators and innovators. These are the people that are making something out of nothing. These are the people that are pushing others transcend the boundaries.  They are a big chunk of what motivates me to want to do more with this life I have.

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