Indifference (The Silent Killer)




noun: indifference

1.     lack of interest, concern, or sympathy.

“she shrugged, feigning indifference”


Ahh indifference, the silent killer. It’s the insidious source of power that chips away at our dreams and goals without us even knowing about it. It’s the feeling of knowing what to do, but not feeling concerned enough to do a damn thing about it. It can also be the friend that cares more about their chipped nail than your profound insights about life.

How has this been ignored? I’ve seen one too many films of people going out to reach their dreams only to face opposition. They are confronted with enemies, family members, or peers that laugh in their face when they talk of their goals. They are told “You’re crazy” or “You can’t do it,” only to prove their frenemies wrong in the end.

But what about those sneaky indifferent bastards? What about the folks that have the glazed over look in their eyes after you spilled your guts to them about your aspirations? Or even the ones who don’t even care to acknowledge your progression? Maybe I’m an attention whore, but dammit if I tell you something I’m passionate about that means you are important enough to know about it!

We all live busy lives. And a good amount of us have goals and are in the process of getting them. So I understand how it can be difficult to lend your ear or even give a shit about someone else’s goal. I get it. But it is also important to understand the way in which nature works. You must be able to give in order to receive. Trees provide oxygen (and much more) and receive water; a dog gives unconditional love and receives a caring owner (in most cases); and a bee makes honey from nectar (which they also eat). It’s a sweet circle (pun unintended).

So the next time you feel like taking a nap while a friend or loved one is sharing a desire of importance to you, give them your undivided attention. Let them know that you care. Be genuinely interested in other people. You might be surprised with what you receive in the end.


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