Quality Over Quantity


For the past day or so I have been unusually frustrated. Maybe it’s because I’m getting ready for my first trip outside the country in the next month and things aren’t going as smoothly as I’d like. And maybe it’s also a mix of not releasing a song I have been working on as I had initially scheduled. Either way, it’s unusual.

In regards to my latest project, I heard a quote from Earl Nightingale (such a great speaker btw) where he mentioned consumers aren’t concerned about the time it takes to create any given piece of work; they care about the quality of work completed. I paused and really thought about what he said.

Completing assignments in a timely manner has always been a bit of a struggle for me. When I wrote for my on campus college magazine I would spend hours upon hours trying to perfect my writing. I would spend so much time in the Journalism lab that I would often be there from the morning until it was time to lock up. Not only that but I would spend time reading magazines, hoping to get inspiration.

I would honestly be jealous of the students that seemed to breeze through their work and, in my opinion, turned in better articles than me. I feel like creating music is just as challenging. One day I feel like the project is complete; on other days I feel like I need to add something in or take something out. It’s a constant fucking struggle and sometimes it’s frustrating as fuck.

Maybe I should really take advice from Nightingale and worry about the quality of my work. It may take me longer than I’d like, but maybe it will be something I can stand by and say I gave it an honest effort.

If you have any creative struggles, I’d love to hear how you overcome them…

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