The Art of Detachment

Yes, I’m still working on the same damn song I said I was working on weeks ago. It’s really interesting how time flies. Life can really alter the time line of any given project. As I worked on my latest song the other day, I started thinking about how I can detach myself from my music before I release it. What I mean is, how can I listen to my music with a fresh pair of ears? Maybe there’s a scientific methodology to the whole damn thing. I don’t fucking know.

 This might sound lame as hell, but I turn my back to my music workstation when I try to be unbiased. Yeah, sounds pretty stupid right? For some reason I feel that turning my back kind of separates me from my work. It makes me feel like the music has to win me over. I also close my eyes when I listen. I try to see if the music makes me feel anything, but even that can be a challenge after I’ve listened to the same beat over a fucking 100 times!

Maybe I’m just thinking more about this because my brother, who was always my fresh pair of ears, just moved out. It sucks that I won’t have immediate feedback, but maybe it will be a challenge that I’m supposed to go through. If you’re an artist, I’d like to hear what you do to detach yourself from your work!

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