Progress Equals Happiness?

I find it odd that I have recently put in more work in my music than usual. I spent hours over the weekend and a decent portion of the day yesterday. It actually feels pretty fucking good. I’m starting to notice my creation patterns. I walk away when I feel like I’m at a roadblock. I get something to eat, watch TV, or work on my step aerobics (Ron Simmons style). I feel completely energized when I come back to it.

I also feel like I am improving on being self critical without being over the top. I know what sounds good to me and I stick to it even if other people think it sounds ok. What’s most important about it all is I feel pretty happy about where I’m going. Progress really does equate to happiness. I know there are days where I feel like I’m hitting a brick wall, but even those days are necessary. It’s the days I break through the brick walls that make me feel like Superman on crack.

Tony Robbins mentions the art of CANI (Constant and never ending improvement). The concept is simple, but damn is it powerful. Small improvements every day turns into massive change within due time.

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