F*** Fear



Well here I go again, letting my peanut head get back to thinking about some shit. On today’s menu I started pondering about what keeps me doing what I don’t have a passion for. What keeps me spending over 50 hours a week at a place that I don’t care to be in? I found the little pansy ass bitch that does it. It’s my little friend known as FEAR (cue the Twilight Zone theme music motha fucka).

I give fear my middle finger. If I could flip it off with my toes I’d do that too. Maybe even crop dust it. Why so cold you might ask? Because I’ve come to the realization that it keeps me working at a place that I have absolutely no passion for.  Digging a little deeper, I caught onto more specific fears that have their Kung Fu death grip on my love berries.

It’s the fear of losing my cell phone, being homeless, eating poorly, not affording nice clothes, losing my job, and the fear of the unknown that keep me pinned down. What kind of fucking motivation is that? It’s ridiculous when I sit down and think about it. It’s more ridiculous than the last haircut I seen on Young  Joc.  I could be wrong, but I have a strong conviction that most people who work at jobs they hate stay there for similar reasons.

Some people might say “Dude, stop fucking bitching and get another job!” I am actually in partial agreement to that. Getting another job is a solution. But what about committing myself to something that actually has meaning? I have an idea where I’m headed, but damn is it more challenging than I thought.

Sadly, I fell in the category of not being taught to go for what I had a passion for. This was something I had to learn. Those bitch asses at Gap Kids that gave me 8 hours a week while I was still in college pushed me to thinking about what I really wanted to do. Maybe I should thank them, actually.  Muchos gracias *wink* *wink.*

My bottom line is fuck fear. Fuck the idea of being comfortable if it gets in the way of progression. Maybe it’s not always the best idea to drop everything and sleep on the streets to be the better you, but it is possible to be smart about your next move. I have to constantly remind myself to work my job and to not let it work me. My dad taught me that it’s not about how much money you make, but it’s about how you manage it. As I’ve aged like a fine wine I learned that investing your income is just as important as saving it. So invest your money, read, meditate, and network. Be better every day and give fear a stiff one up its lame ass butt cheeks!

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