Stay True to Yourself

Hip Hop and R&B have been getting me rocking and rolling lately. When I turn that shite on and give it a good listen ,I can’t help but start moving like I’m Chris Brown (minus the dance grooves).  What’s been making the kid feel like shaking his rear end has really been the production of both genres. Some of it is good… Real flippin’ good.

I’m not gonna lie, I have been feeling the urge to say “Fuck it. I want to make music that sounds exactly like the shit I’m listening to right now. I’m enjoying this jam so much, why not make it myself?”

But then something clicks in my brain. Something tells me that this is all a test. Something tells me that I need to stay true to myself. It’s pretty fucking hard to do it sometimes, but I do it. So I continue to work on music that sounds right to me. I continue to try and be as authentic to myself as I can be. Shit, the truth speaks more volumes than something that is artificial, right?

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