It’s been a little while since I wrote about what the freak I’m up to musically. I will admit, I have been slightly slacking off. I’ve let life kind of shimmy its way in the direction I am supposed to be going. To be honest, I’m not upset with myself about it. There’s something in me that’s telling me I am where I need to be for the moment. Maybe it’s trust, faith, or some other thing. I’m not sure, but I know I will steer back into the direction I need to go.

On another note, I’m sure some of you were forced to sit through the above video I posted. Well guess what? I gave in and invested in the Deadmau5 master class.  I figured since I will not be attending an actual class until at least this coming summer, why not take this online class to expand my knowledge a little bit? So far I think the class isn’t bad. There are over 4 hours worth of videos and a community of users. I have yet to take full advantage of the entire course, but I will fill in my thoughts as I make my way through it.

I’m also leaving the country for Nigeria within the next 48 hours.  And, you know, I’ve been really indifferent about it until yesterday. This trip will be the biggest trip I have ever taken in my life thus far. My extended family is there and the amount of history in Africa blows my mind. I really don’t know what to expect. Part of me is scared and part of me is excited about it. I mean, who doesn’t have a slight fear of the unknown? I sure and the fuck do. But I’m really excited and prepared to be blown the hell away by everything.  Anyway, move forward, always.


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