Quit Your Day To Pursue Your Dreams?

I ran into this video the other day about how Bobby Sessions artist quit his day job with only $50 in his bank account with the aspiration to work on music full time. I’d rather not get into full details about the video since all you have to do is hit the friggin’ play button. 

The idea is amazing, actually. Why put yourself through hell by working towards another man’s dream? Why spend 40 to 50 hours per week toward something you aren’t passionate about? It’s not only time consuming, but it’s energy consuming. It’s really a no brainer to kick rocks, right?

I tuned into more video sources talking about the same idea. Quit your job and take the leap of faith. The sources that I checked out brought up some solid points, however, I have not found a source that really dives into how to make money in the beginning of the major transition. If you don’t work at your passion full time it takes so much longer to even can take care of yourself financially. I understand that, but are you supposed to save up money to pay bills, loans, food, etc before you put in your two weeks? If so, then how much? Do you need to get into another side hustle that will make you quick money in order to continue investing in yourself? What if you don’t have your parents financial backing or a partner’s financial backing like Bobby Sessions did? How long should you give yourself to make your dream turn into a reality?

Those are questions I continue to ask myself. But maybe the unknown is what makes this whole thing exciting. Not knowing. Everyone’s story is different and that is awesome. It gives everyone something interesting to tell.

Side note – I found a really cool post on the same topic by Kally. You can check it out here.

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