“The Song”

I’m going to be real honest here. I internally feel that each song I release to the world will be “the song” and every time I do not get the response I anticipated it pushes me harder to catch the open ears I desire. It’s like a fucking game. If one thing doesn’t work, I’ll try something else. I sharpen my skills, I reach out to more people, and I listen to music more critically. Patience is a real fucking thing. It’s a talent. I thought I had patience. Shit, other people think I have patience, but sometimes I feel on edge to move faster. Maybe it has to do with my age; maybe it doesn’t.

I will say that my focus has been getting narrower and narrower. I catch myself when I waste time binge watching TV or surfing the internet on meaningless bullshit. The little things I do on a day to day basis have a purpose like meal prepping to save time, money, and give me better health; exercising to give me energy; watching motivational videos to, well, motivate me; and cutting ties with people that don’t impact me on a positive level. Everything is tied into everything else and I am aware of that. I just need to be patient for the time when everything will properly be in line with everything else.

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