Brick By Brick

Creating anything beyond mediocrity can be intimidating. I mean really fucking intimidating. Sometimes I freak myself out when I listen to amazing music. It’s as if my mind can’t fathom the possibility of getting to the level of greatness.  Maybe this is something a lot of people think about. Maybe it’s something that cripple’s people’s dreams before they take action. I re-watched an interview with Will Smith where he spoke of a brick-laying task his father had  him and his little brother do when he was young (Feel free to watch the short video for his explanation).  I really love the idea of looking at large tasks as laying a single brick. Rather than looking at the entire beast of a project, look at it as taking small steps. Don’t skimp on the small steps, though. Kick fucking ass with every small step.  Lay down the best fucking brick every time. Each brick you lay down, with time, may turn out to be a castle when you’re done.

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