Bored, Bored, Bored

Is it normal to bore yourself of your own creations? This thought was on my mind recently. I have been working on my latest song, which I really enjoyed at the time, but after a few weeks of listening to it day in and day out I felt a wave of boredom. What I once thought was friggin’ awesome was eh.

I spoke to my brother, who is also an artist, about this and he reminded me that it is normal. He mentioned instances where he’d trash an entire song if a single verse didn’t resonate with him. A little extreme? Maybe so. He did mention that he does feel bored during the mixing process, but after he’s finished he puts the song away. In time, he gives his work a listen with a fresh pair of ears. Normally his break allows him to appreciate his final product.

His opinion gave me a pinch of relief. My concern is the fact that I know everything about the music I create. There is no surprise with my own creation. I know everything about it. Not only that, but I’ve listened to it hundreds of times before any other ears heard it. Will there be a day I perform a song live that people love and I fucking hate? Who knows.

But I am no pessimist by all means. There is a part of me that says if the final piece speaks on a profound level that it will remain something you’ll enjoy long after you’ve finished. But I haven’t been doing this long enough to really know the answer. Only time will tell.

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