Inspiration May Be Around the Corner

I’m proud of myself for not quitting when I felt stuck. The latest song I’ve been working on has been yet another challenge for me. Sometimes I’d spend hours on this song only to take elements out. And sometimes I would try things out that flat out fucking sucked ass.  I was frustrated.

I turned to my brother for advice. He told me to give it a break; to work on something else; and to stop putting so much pressure on myself to finish one song in 30 days. I partially agreed with what he was saying. But there was something in the back of my mind saying that my goal is something I know I can do.

My brother’s thought process was for me to build a catalogue of music over a course of several months and to release afterwards. I immediately started thinking “If I can’t release one song a month, then how can I trust myself to make several songs in 8 months?” It did not sit well with me.

The following day I was inspired by a song by Crystal Castle’s called “Courtship Dating.” I began to think to myself that I had more than enough elements in my song to make a complete piece. I went back to my “makeshift studio” with a new set of ears. I’m not finished with the song yet, but it’s almost there!

Forcing myself to release a project a month keeps me working every day. It gives me a purpose to keep pushing even when I feel stuck. It keeps me accountable to myself. Sometimes that is what you should do. Sometimes you must trust yourself and keep yourself accountable, especially if you don’t have anyone there to give you shit if you’re not living up to the goals you set for yourself. You’ll never know where the answer will strike you. It could be right around the corner.

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