Sidestep that Sh**!

Damn, I’ve been slacking off again. But here I am! I posted another song to Soundcloud a week ago. I was a few days off with achieving my monthly deadline, but I have some personal things I am working through… And I have not been as efficient with my time as I should be. So the fault lies directly in my lap.

Anywho, while you’re here I will give you a brief background of this CityScape. I began the song about a year and a half ago. It originally was about six minutes and thirty seconds with at least 4 transitions. Fast forward to this past month, I put in hours to making it something I can stand by.

The more I worked on the song, the more I took out. CityScape got to the point where the only few original pieces I left were the chords that start around the 28 second mark (which I put a filter on) and the drums toward the closing segment.

The response has been great on SounCloud so far, but I keep thinking of what’s next. I think about doing something different. I think about getting better. Creating is a living, breathing thing; it never stays constant. Constant in the world of art means death and I’m going to sidestep that shit as much as I can for as long as I can. Hope you enjoy!

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