Man, have I been behind. I’m behind on writing, I’m behind on releasing music, and I’m behind on taking account for myself. I should have released a song over a week ago and I did not. I have failed myself.

After reading the “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield, I realize that I am creating resistance within myself to do better. I hang out for a few hours longer, take on another project, or work out longer than I need to. I’m not being efficient.

Resistance is a sneaky fucking thing. It grabs you when it knows you have something important to do and it won’t stop until either you give into it or beat the living shit out of it. The scary thing about it is that it works even harder to deter you from your goal after it discovers how important the goal is to your evolution.

But the beauty about it is that you can overcome the allure resistance. You can overpower it by showing up. Put the damn pen in your hand if you’re a writer. Go to the office if you’re an entrepreneur. And go to the studio if you’re a producer. Just get it done and don’t make any excuses.

I’m still working on my next project, but now I have resistance in mind. I know it’s there. I know it wants to wrap it’s cold, clammy hands around my neck and strangle the life out of me. I know this, but I have a lifetime to figure it out and take it the fuck on.  

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