The Beauty in Music


One beauty that creating music offers is the ability to take inspiration from another musician and to make their sound your own. I’m not going to lie, I was heavily influenced by Chris Brown’s “Party” instrumental while making this song. I literally sat down and took notes on every second of the beat. Not only that, but I took elements of the Neptune’s productions to round it out.

I’m not great at coming up with ideas yet, but I can look at this song and say that I enjoy it. I do. I know that I’ve written about Earl Nightengale’s quote where he mentions we are on this earth to serve others. That still resonates with me, but I feel like there needs to be a measure of self-satisfaction in what you do. It’s a great feeling to do something that moves you, even if no one else feels the same way. Be in control of what makes you happy and never allow anyone to have influence of that.

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Bored, Bored, Bored

Is it normal to bore yourself of your own creations? This thought was on my mind recently. I have been working on my latest song, which I really enjoyed at the time, but after a few weeks of listening to it day in and day out I felt a wave of boredom. What I once thought was friggin’ awesome was eh.

I spoke to my brother, who is also an artist, about this and he reminded me that it is normal. He mentioned instances where he’d trash an entire song if a single verse didn’t resonate with him. A little extreme? Maybe so. He did mention that he does feel bored during the mixing process, but after he’s finished he puts the song away. In time, he gives his work a listen with a fresh pair of ears. Normally his break allows him to appreciate his final product.

His opinion gave me a pinch of relief. My concern is the fact that I know everything about the music I create. There is no surprise with my own creation. I know everything about it. Not only that, but I’ve listened to it hundreds of times before any other ears heard it. Will there be a day I perform a song live that people love and I fucking hate? Who knows.

But I am no pessimist by all means. There is a part of me that says if the final piece speaks on a profound level that it will remain something you’ll enjoy long after you’ve finished. But I haven’t been doing this long enough to really know the answer. Only time will tell.

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After my Second One on One EQ-ing Class

I’m starting to feel more comfortable EQ-ing after taking my second one on one music course. It feels pretty awesome to absorb new information. But there’s so much more I need to learn. As I dive deeper into music, I realize how much I don’t know. I guess that rings the same for taking on any new skill, really. But one thing that keeps me going is the fact that though the technology behind music is in a constant stage of evolution, the theories behind creating great music will always be the same.

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Brick By Brick

Creating anything beyond mediocrity can be intimidating. I mean really fucking intimidating. Sometimes I freak myself out when I listen to amazing music. It’s as if my mind can’t fathom the possibility of getting to the level of greatness.  Maybe this is something a lot of people think about. Maybe it’s something that cripple’s people’s dreams before they take action. I re-watched an interview with Will Smith where he spoke of a brick-laying task his father had  him and his little brother do when he was young (Feel free to watch the short video for his explanation).  I really love the idea of looking at large tasks as laying a single brick. Rather than looking at the entire beast of a project, look at it as taking small steps. Don’t skimp on the small steps, though. Kick fucking ass with every small step.  Lay down the best fucking brick every time. Each brick you lay down, with time, may turn out to be a castle when you’re done.

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“The Song”

I’m going to be real honest here. I internally feel that each song I release to the world will be “the song” and every time I do not get the response I anticipated it pushes me harder to catch the open ears I desire. It’s like a fucking game. If one thing doesn’t work, I’ll try something else. I sharpen my skills, I reach out to more people, and I listen to music more critically. Patience is a real fucking thing. It’s a talent. I thought I had patience. Shit, other people think I have patience, but sometimes I feel on edge to move faster. Maybe it has to do with my age; maybe it doesn’t.

I will say that my focus has been getting narrower and narrower. I catch myself when I waste time binge watching TV or surfing the internet on meaningless bullshit. The little things I do on a day to day basis have a purpose like meal prepping to save time, money, and give me better health; exercising to give me energy; watching motivational videos to, well, motivate me; and cutting ties with people that don’t impact me on a positive level. Everything is tied into everything else and I am aware of that. I just need to be patient for the time when everything will properly be in line with everything else.

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AC Slater

I had a vision. I had a vision of AC Slater getting down at the Max. This vision happened to be a song I made called…AC Slater. I recently told myself that I plan to release a song a month. It’s a challenge for me creatively, but I need the push to continue creating. The hardest part is releasing content even when I think I can do better.

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Ask the Right Questions

I came to the realization this morning that I have been asking the wrong questions this whole time. On many occasions, I have been asking self-serving questions. The type of questions that won’t do anyone else much good.  I was not thinking of how I could be of better service to other people.

There’s a great audio from Earl Nightingale called “Attitude and Excellence” where he makes mention that we are on this earth to serve others. Nothing else. I heard the audio many times before, but I never really understood what he was really saying.

When asking a question, it is far more powerful to state it in a way that will help others rather than oneself. Ask how to bring value into people’s lives or how to make them happy. Give abundantly, take when necessary, and receive openly.

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